suitcase began as an offshoot of about face tapes which in 1982 released the first a4 recordings under the name veneer as well as collaborations with jim ellis (later of magnetic stripper) as absolute ceiling. The first three tape releases on the newly renamed suitcase recordings appeared summer 1987 – all fours, tac, and plain truth. Since then, suitcase has released several cassette projects and  produced numerous live events from 1988 through 2000. after a 12 year hiatus, suitcase returned in 2008 as a cd label finally releasing 'paper & plastic'- an audiovisual project that has been in the works since 1991.

the next project to be produced was the magnetic striipper
"extended play-r" 7" ep

just released is A4KMTACmaterialsrecoveryfacility audio/visual package.

suitcase live events have included the hafler trio, phauss, zbigniew karkowski, ted milton of blurt, zoviet france, kapotte muziek, due process, emil beaulieau, rougeux,  whitehouse, and john duncan.

other projects are to be released in the near future including tracks from previous releases as well as previously unavailable material. hopefully additional live events are forthcoming.....

s             u               i              t              c               a            s             e